Target audience

You need worldwide audience for your brand? Not a problem. Are you only interested in specific countries? That could work, too; our publisher network allows you to reach users in several countries:

country list

01 USA 11 Romania
02 Germany 12 Serbia
03 Canada 13 Switzerland
04 France 14 Poland
05 Italy 15 Greece
06 United Kingdom 16 Brazil
07 Singapore 17 Chile
08 Czech Republic 18 Belgium
09 Russia 19 Hungary
10 Netherlands 20 Venezuela

campaign setup

These are real human visitors from real websites with original content in a lots of niches and sub-niches. If you require traffic from different locations, please feel free to contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.

When it comes to ad sizes, formats and ad targeting, you have tons of options. Nonetheless, setting up your Maverickad campaign is quite easy and fast.

choose your target audience
choose ad formats and sizes, upload your creatives
set budget and press start
check analytics reports regularly, to make the most from your campaign

With our campaign insights you can maximize performance and the return of investment. If something isn't as optimal as it should be, you have the freedom to intervene

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